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Haha. What the hell did I just watch?

Ztoons responds:

My attempt at a Gamegrumps Animated. XD

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Hey! Really enjoyed the textural changes as you went from variation to variation! Compositionally, I think I would have liked a change in harmonies. The progression Dm-C got repetitive after a while. Even if you transposed it up to Gm-F at key moments, that would help build energy and momentum into another section/variation.

This piece is like: A-A’-A’’-A’’’-A’’’’ etc etc….
You could try: AABA-A’A’BA’-A’’A’’BA’’ etc etc…. or some kind of variation on this, that adds a harmonic change… That would have made this more interesting for me at least. Does that make sense?

Still, good job on keeping the variations changing with different textures and instruments. If you were purposefully keeping yourself within that harmonic progression, that's really difficult to do...so nice one!

Wayv responds:

It's mostly just inexperience as to why I didn't switch up the variation more. On all my new song ideas I almost never go for less than a 4-chord progression, but it happened whenever I first made this song idea a couple years ago.
So yeah, thanks for the review, and I'm glad you found somethings you enjoyed! :D

Nice. I really enjoyed this. I'm at loss for constructive words right now. I liked all the creepy effects in the background... and just when you got to the end of an idea, you added a new texture, or panning to keep it interesting....especially those static effects around 1:25-1:40 and again at 4:00. The entrance of the main theme at 2:00 is really effective with that LFO(?) effect - it keeps with the vibe you set up around 1:20. I love how it comes back again 4:10. Great stuff! Looking forward to the next one!

Great tune! Do you guys play this live? Really liked the guitar lines at 0:25. Transitions between sections are neatly composed. Really cool. My only composition observation is that I would have liked to hear more sections repeated. For example, rather than ABCDEFG etc.... something like ABACAD, or even ABCADEA.... know what I mean? As a listener, and if gives me something more to hang on to.

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