Entry #1

Introduction - A New Start

2015-07-10 19:59:13 by gruber99

Hey everyone, 

Really happy to join this site.  Looking forward to meeting ya'll and helping out if I can.

A bit about myself: I'm a full-time musician, primarily a jazz/classical pianist.  I tour and perform all over the place and am a university instructor. A few years ago, I started writing more electronic/chiptune music.  I've discovered a love for creating music in this way and am starting to take it more seriously.  

Music production is very new to me.  I hope to start building a small studio over the next few years.  I have a ton to learn - everything from using Ableton, getting better with synth VSTs, mixing, mastering etc.  So I welcome all feedback and crticism!  

I've listened to a bunch of audio tracks from the community here and love what I'm hearing.  I'll do my best to help and contribute where I can!





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2016-01-02 04:51:22

Hey! That Elevator Music track is really awesome!! Hope to hear more from you! :)

gruber99 responds:

Hey thanks!
And thanks for including my music in Crazy Shark Ball. Fun game!
Happy to help out if you have any projects on the go. Just let me know.